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Flu Shots and Problems

Ok, let me start by saying that I vaccinate my children and I am fully vaccinated, but if you choose not to vaccinate your kids- I support your decision. This post is not to make anyone feel judged, it’s just a recent experience!

Moving on- I have never personally really seen someone have negative effects to a vaccination up until last year.

In fall of 2018, I took my children to do their annual flu shots like I always do. It was all going smooth, we were walking out to checkout and leave after the shots when my oldest daughter said she didn’t feel good to my Husband. Immediately after she fell backwards to the floor. My Husband leapt at her to attempt to catch her before she hit her head on the ground, but unfortunately he didn’t make it. My Husband is trained for these moments from being in the Guard, so I was so grateful in this moment that he was there, because I am way too soft and emotional when it comes to my babies. I immediately get emotional and panicky, ha ha! My Husband was trying to get the Nurses attention to relay information to them while trying to cradle my Daughter in his arms and trying to wake her up—he was Superman that day! Well, my Daughter ended up shaking while unconscious And everyone started yelling “she’s having a seizure!”. They got her up in to a wheelchair and gave her oxygen. She ended up being ok and coming through, but it was really scary!! The Dr decided she may have a new sensitivity to the Flu shot, so when she gets them from now on, it has to be in sections. Little amounts about 15 min apart. (NOT fun for her!)

well, fast forward to recently, and I took my youngest daughter in for her 15 month appointment. They gave her a few shots, and I got her and her four year old sister the flu shot while I was there.

Later that day, my four year old started showing symptoms. She got feverish, almost lethargic, wasn’t playing, slept most the day. She just was not well. The next day she developed a rash over her entire body. I immediately called her pediatrician and they stated she may have an allergy to something in the flu shot, so to get her checked out with an allergy dr.

My four year old got better after a couple of days, but then about four days after the shots, my one year old started getting extremely irritable, wasn’t hardly sleeping and was getting night fevers. After a few days, she woke up with a rash that looked like chicken pox all over her body. As of today she is still going through the fever, rash and irritability. She is getting terrible sleep at night. I spoke to her pediatrician and they told me it is more rare, but it’s from the varicella vaccine. And she will most likely be going through this for the next 1-2 months. Apparently it’s mild chicken pox!!! (POOR BABE!!)

I literally am just so confused as to why all of these things are happening because of the vaccines! Has anyone else had any issues from vaccines? Especially the flu and varicella vaccine? I’d love to hear your stories and advice. I’ve been giving my babe oatmeal baths and Tylenol and lots of love!

love, Brittni


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