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I once was a Scrooge..

This time of year came around- who am I kidding.. ALL year round- I dreaded Christmas coming.

Christmas would end and I’d start stressing and dreading the next Christmas to come. You may be wondering why- or maybe you’re one of those people who assumed it has to do with how many kids I have to shop for. The reality is that I hated the season. I despised the snow, disliked the chaos, loathed the mean and spoiled attitudes people got.. I just felt like it was a awful holiday and season.

This year something changed in me.. I’ve pondered why, how, what was wrong with me (haha!).. this season came and poof! I was obsessed! I’m talking before Halloween I was WATCHING Christmas shows, listening to iHeartRadio Christmas station, already had my layaway going at Walmart for Christmas presents, and was planning my decor for this coming season. Not to mention that I keep begging my Hubby to let me put our decor up, and he wont let me until after Thanksgiving!!! Haha!

My entire attitude was shifted. I am a “titch” obsessed! And I’m not ashamed. I’m not embarrassed. I am Brittni, and I am addicted to CHRISTMAS! 🎄🎅🏼☃️❄️

I made a Pinterest board (@FreckledLoxlee) and am so driven to make it all come true! I truly have the spirit this year! Some of the things on my wishlist are these;

Flocked Christmas Tree from “King of Christmas”

This year, I was given the opportunity to get a sewing machine, and I am so excited! So grateful! Because of that, I decided that I want to make my family stockings! I decided I want to make black and white buffalo check and I wanted to add wood chip name tags that I’ll wood burn the names on to! (Adorable right!?!) this was kind of my inspiration;

Aren’t these stockings to die for!?
I’m going to make these, and add them to the stockings!

With all of this, I am shocking myself. I am honestly so impressed with myself. I have wondered what would change in myself to turn such a SCROOGE (I mean, I didn’t even want to decorate last year) into a Christmas Mrs. Clause, but as I walked with my Mom the other day, I had an epiphany.. it’s got to be the attitude. I have been working so hard this past year on my mental health, and the past few months, I’ve noticed a more positive change. I feel safe and confident in our home and finances, our savings is growing, we already started our Christmas shopping with layaway (which is SO smart!!! It’s not just got for those who are financially in need, but it’s good for those who love to budget. Whether you can afford it at once or not, you can split it up to pay it slowly so it’s not just one hard blow to your account.)

When we went in to Walmart to start a Layaway, we shopped, and took it to customer service. They asked me for my Drivers License, some personal information, and 20% down. As of today, this is where we are at with it;

I’m so grateful for my attitude change toward this season, because there truly is something magical about this time of year! I can not wait to take my family to the Hardware Elk Ranch, Ogden Christmas Village, Temple Lights and so much more!

What is your favorite thing to do this time of year? What are some traditions you love? I’d love to hear your feedback!

Love, Brittni


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