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Halloween ๐ŸŽƒ

Last night was Halloween, and it was a smashing success!

This is the first time in all my kids years that Halloween was this fun and successful! Most of the years prior the homes were either out of candy or not participating in Halloween. And last year, we saw hardly any kids! It was crazy!!

Well, within the  past several months  we had moved to a new community and were so excited because how many young children were in our neighborhood- we just knew Halloween would be a lot more active, and we were right! It was so much fun!

We started our night with pumpkin shaped pizza from Tenney’s! After that we decided to go out and start our fun at 5:30 p.m.

We saw so many fun costumes, almost all the homes we went to had candy and a lot of our neighbors did fun decorations and movies outside.

My one year old was a deer, (I got the costume from pottery barn kids and was SO impressed!), my four year old was Elsa, (I purchased it from Ruby’s Costumes on Amazon- it wasn’t even costume material- it was so well made and I will absolutely buy from them again!), my seven year old was chucky, my poor ten year olds costume finding process was awful! Unfortunately for him! He had originally wanted to be the DJ Marshmello. I ordered the costume, and he hated it. The helmet was super small. It was awful! So then he decided to be an inflatable dinosaur.. I ordered the child sized one and it was a MESS! It did not fit him at all. It honestly was so comical. I ended up ordering the adult sized one, this came and it was SO big! It fit my 6’7″ tall husband almost perfectly. Out of desperation, we still tried it on my son, and he decided he still wanted to wear it. He had to arch his head up a bit, but he was committed to wearing it, lol. We figured it was not going to work for school because of their “no mask, no covering faces” rule, so we decided to get him a second costume for school as well. We walked through the costume store, and after an hour, he decided he wanted to be an old lady! I have to say- his costumes for Halloween this year were awesome! We laughed so hard! (I would not recommend inflatable costumes for trick or treating though. My Son struggled to walk, he couldn’t see much, and every five minutes he had to take his face out to get fresh air. one hour in to the night, he took his costume off for good. We will NOT be doing inflatable costumes again!)

Anyways, my twelve year old wanted to be a mix of an angel/devil. Her costume was great! She really loved it! We bought some wings on amazon, and went to the craft store and got more white and black feathers to make the angel wings look more fluffy and like they were turning black- they turned out amazing! Her step-mom had done her makeup and hair, and it looked great!

My Husband dressed up as a hunter, and I was a bear. I would say that all in all- our costumes were awesome! Next year, we are all wanting to go as The Purge characters. We are pretty excited!

The weather last night was awful! It was so cold! In the 30ยฐ’s!! Not even 20 minutes in, I ran home to grab our coats and gloves! I wish it was a bit warmer! I am not a fan of cold weather!

Last night, after trick or treating- I sat and watched my kids as they talked and laughed about how fun it was and how much candy they got. My daughter wanted to count all her treats, and so she and my other children sat down and counted theirs with her. That took me back to my childhood. I remember doing the same thing and sitting on the living room floor with my sister after we spent the night trick or treating and counting our candy to see who got the most. It was so much fun!

Another memory I cherish is that my mom always would dress up and stay home to hand the candy out, while my step dad would walk us around. We’d always trick or treat at our house last and my mom would have a special treat bag for my sister and I.

Another thing I remember my mom doing, (something I actually follow now, and totally would recommend all mommy’s and daddy’s doing) is that she always went through our treats before we could eat them. She’d throw away open or suspicious ones. I used to not get it, but now, with all of the crazy horror stories you hear about, and just wanting to protect my children any way I can, I do it too! I’m sure that one day they’ll do the same thing with their children, ha ha!

I can’t wait for next Halloween to come! (Don’t forget to check below for more pictures!)

Love, Brittni


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