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Breastfeeding journey

I want to start this by stating that I in no way am trying to make anyone feel any type of way for how they choose to feed their babes! Everyone has a right to feed their babies how they want and I support and respect everyone’s choice! This is just about my journey.

Today I am going to discuss my breastfeeding journey with all of my kids!

I’ll be honest, I was so excited to breastfeed my newest babe because the experiences I had had with my prior children.. but this journey has not been the same!

I have five children. My first child, I was so excited to breastfeed! Unfortunately after Trying and trying, my body simply wasn’t making milk. I’ll be honest.. I struggled with that.

I blamed myself because I felt like it was because I was a teen mom or because of the mass stresses I had been going through, or that it could have been because I was suffering from depression. I really felt like I had failed my daughter and found everything I was doing or had done to blame myself.

Because of that experience, I chose to not breastfeed my next child. I didn’t get much milk with my second pregnancy either, so I just accepted that my body didn’t make milk.

Things changed with my third child. I was determined to breastfeed him. I knew he needed it. I knew before he was born that he was going to be special and that he needed his best chance at life, and I felt that breastfeeding him would give him that chance. I’m not sure if it was my drive, or something else, but this time, my milk came in! I was ecstatic! That journey with my son was effortless. I felt so blessed. He latched like a pro, and nursed until 1.5 years old. I did have some bumps in the road though.. I had developed mastitis only once (one time is enough!!), and in the very beginning, My babe wasn’t gaining weight, so I was told I had to supplement with formula, but to be honest- I never did. I refused to! Instead, I upped my caloric intake and fed him more frequently, and that worked! I also had issues with support around me. My husband at the time was incredibly unsupportive of my breastfeeding journey. He felt like I should’ve stopped at 3-6 months, and that it was ridiculous that I nursed our son so long. (*eye roll*)

But it didn’t matter, because my son and I had developed such a close bond over nursing. The late nights, the feeling of him needing me.. it really changed me. It made me a better mother. And to this day, I know in my heart, that it helped him to be the boy he has become. We were there for each other and we both truly needed that.

Because of my experience with my son, I was determined to do it with my fourth child. And so I did! My fourth and fifth babes were with my second husband. And he has been incredibly supportive of the entire process.

My milk came in, she was doing great on it! She was very healthy! I got a plugged milk duct twice during the time frame I nursed her. (Just a tip- if you get a plugged milk duct, “dangle feed”! It helped me!! Basically you just lay your babe down, and hover over her so your breast is “dangling” haha!, and feed her that way!!)

I nursed her until one. I wanted to do a bit longer, but once she was exposed to cow milk- she was over mommas milk! Haha. She basically started refusing my milk, so I dried up. (I’d recommend putting cold cabbage leaves on your breasts during the dry-up phase! It helped a lot!)

My fifth child was a totally different ball game! From day one it was a challenge! My milk came in at the hospital, and nursing was going well, but once we went home, I had chapped and bloody nipples, double plugged ducts and mastitis not to mention that she was “tongue tied”. I tell you what- I wanted to give up so bad. I continuously told my husband that I was quitting (he probably got so sick of hearing it! Ha ha)

The pain was unlike anything else I had felt. Worse than labor! I couldn’t breathe when she would nurse. It felt like every nerve in my body was affected by it. I would cry and cry. I would get so nauseated by the pain during nursing sessions. I went to my Dr and a breastfeeding consultant, and they would just tell me to try new positions, to keep trying and reminded me that it was normal. But the pain was NOT normal to me! I was prescribed a nipple lube that had numbing properties in it to help me get through it, and medication for the infection. After 3 months of constant pain and issues, finally I found relief! All of a sudden everything felt ok. Breastfeeding because easier. But as she aged, her desires and needs mixed. Now she was nursing out of boredom, to eat, to soothe,etc.. If I am up and moving, she’s ok, but the second I sit, I am my daughters property. Ha ha! She’s obsessed!

My daughter is now 1.5 years old, so I have been trying to wean her, but I can’t find anything to help her wean. She hates cow milk… she has melt downs if I withhold my milk.. she eats all meals with our family and she still refuses to quit the tit!!!

I need help!! I need advice!!! šŸ˜‚

Please let me know if your experiences, or let me know what helped you to wean, because everything I have tried is just not working!

Thanks babes, Brittni


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