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Pumpkin Nights πŸŽƒ

This is not a sponsored post

Hey y’all! So I am someone who LOVES to create traditions and go on adventures with my family.. Well, last year this “pop up” event came to town, called “Pumpkin Nights”-so of course we went and we loved it!

Well we were so excited to see that it had returned this fall season! This past weekend they had offered 40% off for fall break, so we jumped on it! Being a family of seven, we have to wait until things are discounted or free or else it’s a major expense!!

My three older children were with their Dad for fall break, so my husband, our two girls and I just went this time.

We had gone with the expectation that it would be exactly the same as last year, but to our surprise it wasn’t! Sure, there was a lot the same, but they had changed some things up and added some things.

Each room you walk in to has a different theme. For instance, one is love related, another is sugar skull/Spanish related, there’s a spider room, and so on. The inventiveness and creativity is wonderful. We truly loved our visit! Each room has a photo opportunity area which is great. Last year, at each photo op area, there was an employee to take a photo for you, but this year, only some had an employee, which made it a titch hard to do family photos!

My favorite room was the pirate room! It had sand, pumpkin head skeletons, a huge ship, fog, and an area for children to dig for a coin to get a free pumpkin at the end of the event!

My four year olds favorite room was the ocean room! They had bubbles everywhere, large pumpkin carvings and decor.. it was so much fun!

They also have food trucks, fire dancers, pumpkin carvers, and kiddie rides- which were free!

I would absolutely recommend that y’all check this place out before it’s gone! There is nothing spooky/scary about it. No jump scares! It’s very family friendly, and my four year old just truly loves it!

I can’t wait for it to come back next year, so I can take all my kids!!

I hope y’all enjoy the pics I posted below of our night there!

Love, Brittni


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