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“How can you afford so many kids!?”

“How can you afford so many kids?” And “you want more kids!? Why!? You already have enough!”.. sadly, those are questions that automatically come to my Family and I in a daily basis. I knew fairly early that I wanted a big family. And once I have my first, I was obsessed. I wanted more! How could you not!? The feeling and the love that children bring.. it is beyond anything you’ve ever felt. I do not believe that children are the source of lost money, I believe that lifestyle choices are the source of lost money. We make it work. We live on basically one income, we never buy name brand, we don’t have the newest gadgets, we buy our clothes at DI and clearance racks and we always make sure lights are off when no ones in the room. We do a lot to save every single penny we can. It may seem like we’re only saving penny’s here and there, but penny’s add up! The lifestyle we live isn’t hard. Having a lot of kids is a blessing. The different personalities, the different age groups.. sure, it’s not always perfect, the children clash at times, but love always brings them back together. •

I am a true believer that it gets easier the more kids you have. Children are born helpful, they always want to help. They want to learn. They want to be “big kids”. So naturally, when you have more children, you have more help! •

Babies are blessings. I was a teen mom and it was so hard, but worth it. I am now 31, and have 5 earth babies, and 1 heaven baby. •

I love our lifestyle, I love our family. And I just can not wait to continue to grow my family. •


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