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Army Wife part 1

My Husband is a mans man. True definition of a wonderful and manly man! He would help anyone in need, has such an upbeat attitude towards life, and is very adaptable to moving.. he’s done so much in life, and is only 33! He breezed through High School, went to College and played Basketball for LSU-S, served an honorable full-time mission and served in Brazil, then came home and met me (lucky fella!). We continued to grow our family (5 kids!) and then enlisted himself in the Army National Guard and loves it! Currently He is approaching his second year as a Soldier. So he’s still pretty fresh in it.

So far, I haven’t gone through the dreaded deployment… (fingers crossed it isn’t any time soon!) what we have gone through was 5 months at BCT and AIT, and 2 weeks annual training.. which the 2 weeks training seemed like CAKE compared to the 5 months training- but for some reason- it felt like an eternity!

The experience I am writing about is just my opinion towards them, not my husbands side. With that said..

Basic/AIT was painful. He left January 2018 for Fort Sill, OK. I wasn’t able to see him off at the airport, but they allowed us to see him off at a local military location. I was pregnant with my fifth baby at the time he left, which added to my stress about him leaving. The first day I broke down. Watching my husband being driven off to the airport was excruciating. I had a panic attack and cried the entire drive back to my moms. Fortunately I had my mom to run to. If I didn’t, I probably would’ve cried and stayed in bed for the entire five months! The days went by slow. I had made a 2 jars and one side had marbles. Each day that passed I took a marble out and moved it to the empty jar. It helped my children and I to physically see when my husband would be home. The days went by ok, but nights were rough. At this time, I had four kids and was pregnant with another. Three of those kids I share with an ex husband, so half the week, they would be with him. During those days, I had my youngest, Everly, in my bed with me. We would snuggle and it would feel better. I had a system and that’s how I had to operate. We would do our daily errands during the day, but at night, I would shut the house down, we would go to my room, shower, get ready for bed, turn the lights off and the tv on, and I had to sleep with my blinds up a little with my window cracked. I’m not sure why, but it made me feel a lot more safe. The gate to my back porch was beneath my window, so I think it settled my mind too. Like if he able to hear someone open it.. this is pretty silly too, but I also would closed my bedroom door and lock it, then I’d put stuff in front of the door so if I were sleeping, I’d head someone open the door.. PARANOID MUCH!? Haha. Without my husband, I felt vulnerable at night. My husband makes me feel so safe. He is a big man. He is 300 pounds and 6’7″ tall! So as you could imagine, him not being there, you would feel a titch more nervous at nights….

Part 2 coming soon.


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