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Let’s talk fear…

Hey babes! Today I decided I wanted to discuss my overwhelming fear of heights. Like I’d drive 1,000 miles instead of flying-having panic attacks when off-roading-hyperventilating and fainting on planes kind of fear!

My Husband is a true mans man. Outdoorsy, Mr Fix It mans man. He loves being in the mountains, and I do too! I truly love being out in nature, camping, hiking.. Even just sitting in the mountains! But there’s one thing he and I don’t see eye to eye on.. off-roading! It terrifies me! The mixture of heights with unstable and rocky roads.. the fear of falling.. dying.. Basically I’m a major chicken when it comes to this and everything that could go wrong “WILL go wrong” in my head! I’m a true nut case! Ha ha.

Please Lord tell me I am not the only one here! Do any of y’all loathe heights just like me? Or am I just a loony toon!?

My poor Husband has to hear me panic and see me cry.. and at times hop out of the car and walk just so I can feel a little peace! He’s truly a wonderful man though. The patience he has for me when I’m wiggin our is amazing. I am truly grateful for him!

Any of y’all have tips on how to overcome this anxiety and fear!? Do any of y’all relate? I’d love to hear feed back because I would truly love to get it together and be able to enjoy these moments!

But let me tell you- mama is scared!!!

Even though I didn’t enjoy the drive, the destination was wonderful. Where we ended up was at some run down park outside of Hubble Creek Canyon in Springville, UT.

It was beautiful! We had a picnic and were surrounded by the changing colors of the trees. There was a river by us and my kids were so excited about the frogs which we could hear!

Those moments are what I am truly grateful for! The memories and the experiences I am giving my children make the fear of heights much more bearable!


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