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This is Us

This is not a sponsored post

For years I have swayed between starting a blog, and not. To be honest, this scares me. You have to be vulnerable, raw, honest and open to receive criticism. Those things can be scary! But, I have decided that enough is enough. No more being scared! No more feeling controlled by negative emotions. This is my moment to share my story! My life. My truth. And oh boy… Do I have a lot of stories! I hope by creating this blog, I can find an audience to help, to inspire and to fall in love with my family!

My name is Brittni, I am 31 years old, love to craft, draw, be outside, and have adventures. I have five children, and one heaven baby. I am on my second marriage, and truly have found my Soulmate. My Husband, whom I call my Papa Bear. He is truly the hardest worker I have ever met. 40-6- hours a week, he drives a Side dump for a local Construction Company, and one weekend a month, he serves our Country by training with the Utah National Guard. His MOS is 13b (cannon crew-member). He is pretty early on in his Army career (Almost two years in), so I have not gone through a deployment, but I have gone through BCT/AIT which was 5 months long, during my pregnancy with our last child. BCT/AIT was rough. I know, you other Army Wives may be thinking, “just 5 months!?”, but I had never gone a few days apart during our several years together without him! And on top of it, I was pregnant. That experience was difficult! I will write about it in a later post! My Husband is such a giving man. Very helpful! He has been an outstanding papa to our two children together, and to the three children I brought with from my other marriage. Every day, I thank my God for him.

My oldest child is 12, I was a teenager when I had her. (That is another topic for another post!) Her name is Brooklynn. She has a passion for horses, and is truly creative! She will be 13 soon, and I just can not believe time has flown by that fast! She no longer looks like a child. She grew up right before my eyes, and looks and acts like a 15 year old girl! My second child is 10, and will be turning 11 next month! Again, where the goshes did time go!?! His name is Heath. He is extremely athletic! He succeeds in any sport he does! For the past few years, he’s played football and is one of the top players! He is also wonderful in school! He always gets amazing grades, and is never in trouble for behavior. His dedication and commitment is absolutely inspiring. My third child is Roman, he is 7. Roman is so funny! He has such a big heart. He is very helpful, and loves to make food! He has a love for cows, motorcycles and the outdoors. He is truly a special boy. My fourth child is Everly. She is 4. When you heard the words, sassy, spunky, independent, strong willed.. Everly will come to mind! She is the cinnamon in our spice cabinet! She is also very funny, happy, and imaginative. She is also a social butterfly, and will talk to A.N.Y.O.N.E. (which isn’t always that great…STRANGER DANGER!). Our fifth child is Ella. She is 14 months old. She is extremely sweet, loving and calm natured. She has a smile that will melt away the world. She loves to get into mischief, would rather play with things in the cabinet than her toys, refuses to stop nursing, and wont sleep through the night still! She loves to be outside, and loves to eat! I have a sweet baby girl up in heaven. She would be 10. Her name was Madisyn. I will write a blog post soon about her.

Y’all may be wondering if I am done having kids… Absolutely not. I never had a “set amount”. I just let time and God figure that out. My Children are all such a blessing to my life. Most people wonder how I can afford a family of 7 on one income, and how I can handle the chaos. I am a true believer that the more children you have, the more help you have. All of my kids are just wonderful helpers. They love to help. And as for the money… I believe that Lifestyle is what kills your bank accounts, not children. This may be different for everyone, as everyone’s situation is different, but for us, we live frugally. We shop at D.I., and clearance racks. We don’t buy name brand foods, and we don’t have the newest-most up to date phones. If we can get a better deal, we always will, and we find cheap or free things to do (I am the Queen of finding that stuff!). Because of all of that, we live comfortably. We are happy. We feel secure. The other stuff doesn’t matter.

I can not wait to continue writing my truth. I have so much to tell. The good and the bad. My blog will be about my past, present and future. About every smile and every tear that made me, me. I really hope you enjoy getting to know my family! We all bring something different to the table, and I know you will grow attached. It’s hard not to!


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